Larvae of Green toad Bufo viridis - complex

  • no external gills (tadpole)
  • eyes not prominent
  • underside not black to grey, or golden belly, unspotted
  • tail fin not reticulated
  • back with tranparent edge
  • belly without central stripe
  • Total length:
    up to about 45 mm
  • Upper edge of the body often looks bright grey. This is caused by refraction of the metallic underside through the colourless transparent edge.
  • Upper crest starts only at the end of the body

Crapaud vert (F); Groene Pad (NL); Grönfläckig Padda (S); Grønbroget tudse (DK); Ropucha zelená (CZ)

Green toad Larvae
(D = dorsal, back; V = ventral, underside)

  • Tadpoles look conical like a mouse. Back usually uniform black, brown or grey, sometimes light grey. After appearance of the hind legs the back becomes lighter and finally marbled in all larvae.


[Adult toad]