Rainette verte (F); Boomkikker (NL); Lövgroda (S); Almindelig Løvfrø (DK); Rosnicka zelená (CZ)

Widespread but scattered over most parts of Europe with the exception of Italy, Great Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia (only in the extreme south). Normally living below 800 m.

about 3-4,5 cm;
about 3-4,5 cm

Pupil: , horizonally oval;

Metamorphosed Animal:
Back smooth and shiny, bright uniform green. In newly hatched young frogs there are sometimes olive-green and frequently, depending on the weather situation, golden animals. In two-year old and older individuals however less variation in colouring exists.

Adhesive pads on tips of toes and fingers:


From early/end of April to June.
At warm days calling activity starts at dusk and ends usually after midnight.


The rhythmic "app….app….app" is very loud and heard over quite a distance.

Tree frog Hyla arborea
Tree frog

Adult Tree frog
XXL slide





Sexual differences: (Picture right)
have a brownish, wrinkly throat,
have a lighter, smooth throat.

In summer and autumn sitting high above the ground on leaves or branches in daytime. From there often the hoarse croaking summer call is produced, mostly on warm, sultry days.