Crapaud vert (F); Groene Pad (NL); Grönfläckig Padda (S); Grønbroget tudse (DK); Ropucha zelená (CZ)

Widespread in eastern (here in the great plains) and southern Europe (here up to 1700 m); absent of Iberia, France (only Alsace), Great Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia (only in the extreme south).

about 5-8 cm;
about 6-9,5 cm

Pupil: , horizontal elliptic, iris greenish;

Metamorphosed Animal:

In females the pattern of green spots is strongly contrasting with the white background. In males the background is darker. Sexing the animals is complicated by variation in colouring, also caused by geographical differences.

Tubercles under
hind toes unpaired.

Green toad Bufo viridis - complex
Green toad

Adult Green toad
XXL slide




Rather long, rising and setting, very musical thrill.

April to June/July.

Prefers shallow waters, poor in vegetation, both eutrophic and lightly brackish, with sunny hiding places and loose soil nearby.
Where Green toad and Natterjack live together, hybrids may occur.